Our Knowhow

Genbiotech areas of expertise

The biotechnology facility was created in 1998 in the Sophia-Antipolis technopole and benefits now from 15 years of expertise in drug development and manufacturing.  

Our area of expertise

Genbiotech pipeline is composed of products at late development stages and ready for their next inflection point. The unique drug delivery release system developed by Genbiotech allows local and sustained administration overtime of active molecules.

  • Particular formulation for osteoarthritis
  • Particular formulation for aesthetic
  • Skin substitute for the treatment of chronic and acute wound (dermatology)

Our knowledge: A unique and patented drug delivery technology

Genbiotech has developped and patented a unique drug delivery technology that allow local and sustained administration of biological molecules focused on the specificity of the targeted disease.

Local delivery should provide localized and constant effect over time. This will result in both:

  • Improvment of patient quality of life
  • Reduction of patient risks for severe side effects due to massive administration of drugs.
Last update : 25/04/17